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Press Release

Grand Opening

of the

Toronto Free-Net Community Internet Access Network

Contact: Irene Cortes,
  Media Developer/Communications Officer
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Toronto, Ontario, January 27, 2003 - The Toronto Free-Net Inc. announces the launch of its first Community Internet Access network. This network provides community members with connection to the Internet, offers an array of web resources to the general public and advocates the rights to access this technology. In collaboration with The Toronto Dollar, Seeds of Hope Foundation, Anishnawbe Health, The Salvation Army and The Raging Spoon, the Toronto Free-Net is working to facilitate these Community-based groups with internet portals, allowing for the expansion of free-flowing information to pass from community to community -- creating even wider groups and relations.

Ken McCracken, the Executive Director of the Toronto Free-Net, expressed his enthusiasm for the creation of this network : "TFN was founded in 1993 to remove barriers to information access. Since then we have become known for providing dialup and more recently high speed Internet access. Now through the generous assistance of Industry Canada's Community Access Program and our community partners we are able to provide Internet workstations in neighbourhoods that need them."

Toronto Free-Net has been providing users with by-donation and low-cost access for nearly 10 years. As a liaison for Community-based groups and technology, TFN has long been an advocate for rights to access and is proud to have connected so many important groups to the boundless stores of information the Internet has to offer. In celebration, the TFN is hosting a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony on February 28, 2003 at The Raging Spoon (761 Queen St. W) between 6 - 9pm. This will be an opportunity for Community members within the network to step into the domain of cyberspace together.

Confirmed Guests include:

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