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2011 summer picnic!

Enjoy a relaxed afternoon with other freenet members, sharing sunshine, food, and stories.  See old friends and make new ones!  Get answers to your questions about the freenet or about the Internet!

Bring the kids!  Bring your friends!  Bring munchies to share!

What: Toronto Free-Net 2011 summer picnic
When: Saturday, 9/Jul/2011  noon - 6 pm  (rain or shine)
Where: picnic area #1, High Park, Toronto
Directions: near High Park subway station
Cost: free!
Info: for more info, send email to picnic-info, as usual, at
Google Street View (pop-up, navigable view, looking west from where West Road diverges from High Park avenue.  Slow — needs HiSpeed)
Map: download image: small map of High Park
Pop-up entire High Park map (93k jpg)


Directions by car:

Directions by TTC:

Walking instructions:

download image: photo of the point at which High Park avenue becomes
two one-way streets, taken from the middle of the road and showing the
west sidewalk.  Arrows point the way to picnic area #1.

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