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AGM 2017 motions

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So far, the following motions have been announced for the 2017 AGM:

Motions implied by the agenda

Approve agenda.  dn097 Iain Calder
Resolved, That we adopt the proposed agenda.
Approve minutes.  cx555 Boyd Ramsay
Resolved, That we approve the minutes of the 2016 AGM.

Motions to choose directors

Appoint CRO.  dn097 Iain Calder
Resolved, That we appoint Larry Sadler as chief returning officer for this meeting.
Close nominations.  (template)
Resolved, That we close nominations for the board.
Acclaim nominees.  (template)
(repeat for each nominee)
Resolved, That we appoint X to the board of directors.

Motions under "other business"

Appoint auditor1.  dn097 Iain Calder
Resolved, That we defer, to the board of directors, the appointment of an auditor for the current fiscal year.
Thank people.  dn097 Iain Calder
Resolved, That we thank the volunteer staff for their on-going work which makes Toronto Free-Net possible.


  1. The auditor's job is to review TFN's next financial statements and to report on them at the subsequent AGM.  TFN bylaw #1, paragraph 46 requires that each AGM appoint an auditor.

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