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AGM 2020 board selection results
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Below, directors are listed along with the calendar year of the AGM at which their term ends. 

The 2020-2021 board of directors consists of:

Until   Director
  Continuing from past years:
Nov/2020   cx555 Boyd Ramsay
Nov/2020 do847 Andy Pedersen
Nov/2021 aa005 Colin McGregor
Nov/2021 cq585 Lee MacNeill
Nov/2021 ivanfrey Ivan Frey
  Elected this year:
2023 (none yet)
2023 (none yet)
2023 (none yet)

Ballot counts

Ballots cast: none yet (3 votes per ballot)

Votes   Nominee
0-unused votes-
0-recorded absentions-  

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