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Board schedule, etc

Attending a meeting of TFN's board of directors.

Though only TFN directors have a vote at board meetings, all TFN members are welcome to attend, to observe and, where appropriate, to contribute their insights.  The board meets regularly on the:

third Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the TFN office

When the board's regular meeting date coincides with the date of TFN's AGM (Annual General Meeting), the board meeting either takes place immediately following the AGM, at the AGM's location, or it takes place on a subsequent date at the TFN office.  This all gets decided when the AGM adjourns.

If you plan to attend a board meeting, please let TFN's corporate secretary know (send email to corporate-secretary at TFN).  If we know that you plan to be at a meeting, we will try to wait for you.  Also, the secretary will keep you informed of any schedule changes.

Executive sessions.

Occasionally, the board must discuss and decide sensitive matters which only TFN directors may hear.  This is called an executive session.  When that happens, persons who are not TFN directors may have to step outside.

About 1 in 10 board meetings spends some time in executive session, and these sessions tend to last long.  TFN officers, particularly the one who prepares the agenda, usually have a sense of when that is likely to occur.  So, if you want to avoid traveling to such a meeting, ask TFN's corporate secretary whether an executive session is likely at the next meeting.

Mailing list.

Between physical meetings, TFN's directors use a mailing list for ongoing discussion.  All TFN members are welcome to subscribe as well.  Just send a message containing the word "subscribe" to: board-request (at the freenet).  You must send that message from your TFN address.  You will then receive a reply, asking you to confirm that you sent the original message (this guards against email spoofing).


Minutes of board meetings get published about a month after each meeting, usually after being approved at the subsequent board meeting.  The board mailing list receives a draft earlier.

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