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PPP (graphics) FAQ

What is PPP?
PPP stands for Point-to-Point Protocol. It is a method of transporting data through your dialup modem that lets your computer become part of the Internet, for the duration of your call. This lets you access the Internet directly, using programs on your computer that are Internet-aware.
How is PPP different from text access?
Toronto Free-Net (TFN) provides you with a PPP connection so that you can enjoy the WWW (World Wide Web) with full graphics and colour. Unlike text-only access, through which you can see only letters and numbers, PPP access let's you use the Internet with all the popular software packages, such as Netscape and ICQ.
What do I need to access TFN with PPP?
You must first register for an account with TFN. Next, you will need to set up your computer software (such as Dial-Up Networking in Windows95) to dial and connect with PPP. After connecting, start up your Internet programs and they should just work.
How does this affect my time limit?
Whether you dial-in via text or via PPP, you get the same amount of connection time provided by the access level you chose.
What is the phone number for PPP access?
The phone number for both text and PPP access is: 647-477-1477.
Can my account connect with PPP?
Yes. All TFN accounts are able to connect via both text and PPP.

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