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Configure PPP dialup
Modem number for both text and PPP:

Differences between PPP and text access:

Most people with modern equipment prefer PPP access.

Switch to instructions for text access.

PPP access:

Settings at a glance

Phone Number (modem): 647-477-1477
Incoming POP & IMAP mail:
Outgoing mail:

Additional settings.
System requirements for TFN dial-up access.

How to configure your computer

For step-by-step instructions on how to configure your computer to dial in to TFN for PPP access, please click on your operating system:


If you are having problems connecting, please read through these pages for common problems:

Need more help?

If the above information doesn't answer your question, contact us. Please provide as much detail as possible about your computer and the programs you are using, about the specific problem you are experiencing, and about what you tried, so far, to solve it. Don't forget to mention whether you are using a PPP or text connection.

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