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Connecting to TFN using MacOS 7.6 - 9.x

The following are instructions on how to manually set up your Internet connection. It is recommended that you print a copy of this page for future reference.

TCP/IP Control Panel

  1. Go to your Apple Menu (located to the far left of the Finder), scroll down to Control Panels, and choose TCP/IP. Configure the TCP/IP Control Panel to look like the following.

    Connect via: make sure PPP is selected and showing if you are using a modem (if you are on a LAN choose Ethernet).
    Configure: make sure Using PPP Server is selected.
    IP Address: do not edit
    Subnet mask: leave blank
    Router address: leave blank
    Name server addr.: enter our servers: and
    Search domains: leave blank

  2. Close the TCP/IP Control Panel window.

Remote Access Control Panel

The Remote Access Control Panel might be called the PPP Control Panel on some Mac systems. They are identical.
  1. Go to your Apple Menu (located to the far left of the Finder), scroll down to Control Panels, and choose Remote Access. Configure the Remote Access Control Panel by filling in the following information.

    Choose Registered User
    Name: enter your User ID (i.e. aa123) in lowercase.
    Password: enter your password in lowercase. Check Save Password if desired.
    Number: enter in the TFN phone number - 647-477-1477

  2. Click the Options button. You will see the Options window containing 3 tabs across the top: Redialing, Connection, and Protocol.

    On the Redialing tab there is a menu; pull it down to see a list of options. You can choose not to redial the connect number, to redial the connect number a certain number of times, or to redial the connect number and alternate number.

    On the Connection tab you may want to check the Disconnect if idle box so that your computer will disconnect from the Internet if it has not been used for the specified amount of time. This will save you precious connection time.

    On the Protocol tab make sure you select PPP from the Use protocol menu. Make sure that Use TCP header compression and Connect to a command-line host are both unchecked, and that Use terminal window is selected.
  1. When you are finished click OK to close the Options window. Close the Remote Access window.

Modem Control Panel

  1. Go to your Apple Menu, then Control Panels and open Modem.

    Connect via: make sure Modem Port is selected from the menu.
    Modem: choose your modem from the menu.
    Sound: choose whether you wish to hear your modem "screeching" or not.
    Dialing: choose Tone or Pulse.
    Ignore dial tone: If you have phone company voicemail with stutter tone, it's a good idea to check this. However if someone else is using the phone while you attempt to dial, they will hear the modem calling our phone lines.

  2. When you are done you can close the Modem window.

Opening the Connection

When you want to connect to TFN just open the Remote Access Control Panel and click the Connect button. You are now connected to the TFN.

Closing the Connection

When you want to close the connection click Disconnect from the Remote Access window.

Download a Current Browser

The built-in browser on your Mac may not be able to show some pages, such as, which use advanced features. One member recommended a modern Mac browser which can be downloaded from


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