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Connecting to TFN using MacOS X (10.2)

The following are instructions on how to manually set up your Internet connection. It is recommended that you print a copy of this page for future reference.

  1. Click on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.

  2. Click on Network.

  3. Next to Show, select Internal Modem.

  4. If not already selected, click on the TCP/IP tab.

  5. Next to Configure, select Using PPP from the drop down list.

  6. In the Domain Name Servers box, type in hit Enter, and then type in, and

  7. Click on the PPP tab.

  8. Beside Service Provider type TFN.

  9. Beside Telephone Number type 647-477-1477.

  10. Beside Account Name type in your User ID (i.e. aa123).

  11. Beside Password type in your password.

  12. Place a check mark in the box Save Password if you want the computer to remember your password when connecting.

  13. Click on Save.

  14. To connect, open the hard drive icon on your desktop, open the Applications folder, open the Internet Connect icon, then click on the Connect button. To disconnect, open the Internet Connect utility and click on the Disconnect button. (For easier access, drag the Internet Connect icon to the dock.)

Download a Current Browser

The built-in browser on your Mac may not be able to show some pages, such as, which use advanced features. One member recommended a modern Mac browser which can be downloaded from


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