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Connecting to TFN using Mac 7.5

The following are instructions on how to manually set up your Internet connection. It is recommended that you print a copy of this page for future reference.

You need FreePPP software to connect to the Internet. Download and install this program first.
  1. Click on the telephone icon near the top right of the Finder menu bar and go to Open FreePPP Setup.

  2. On the General tab click Open TCP/IP. For Connect via select FreePPP. For Configure select Using PPP Server. In the Name server addr box enter the following DNS numbers (on separate lines): and Close this window and confirm your changes by clicking Save when prompted.

  3. Click on the Accounts tab. Click New. The resulting window has 3 tabs: Account, Dialup, and Options. Fill in the following information for each tab:

    Account tab. Enter the Account name (i.e. TFN). For Connect select Directly. Fill in your User name (i.e. Your TFN user id) and Password, all in lowercase.

    Dialup tab. In the Main Number section enter in the Phone number: 647-477-1477.

    Options tab. Enter the Domain name: Enter the Primary DNS ( and Secondary DNS ( numbers. For IP Address select Assigned by PPP server.

    Click OK to close. If asked whether you are sure about not wanting to enter an area code, click Yes.

  4. Click on the Modems tab. Select your modem and click Edit. Fill in the following information:

    Connected to: Modem Port

    Port Speed: 57600 bps (or select highest available)

    Flow Control: CTS & RTS (DTR)

    Dial Type: Tone (or Pulse, which ever is the case for you)

    For Modem init string settings check AutoDetect init string.

    Click OK to close.

Starting your Internet connection

  1. Click on the Telephone icon on the Finder bar.

  2. Select Open PPP Connection. Your computer will now attempt to connect to the Internet. When successful, notice the telephone icon now has a raised handset!

Closing your Internet connection

  1. Click on the Telephone icon (with the raised handset!) on the Finder bar.

  2. Select Close PPP Connection. Your computer will now disconnect from the Internet.

Download a Current Browser

The built-in browser on your Mac may not be able to show some pages, such as, which use advanced features. One member recommended a modern Mac browser which can be downloaded from


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