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Setting Up Windows 2000

  1. On the desktop, locate Start in the lower-left hand corner and click on it:
  2. Click Settings icon.
  3. Click Control Panel or Network and Dial-up Connections icon.
  4. Click the button Make New Connection
  5. Welcome to the Network Connection Wizard, will be displayed, click Next
  6. Network Connection Type, check the box Dial-up to the Internet, then click Next
  7. Phone Number to Dial, Check the Use Dialing Rules Box, manually enter the Area code: 647, Phone number: 477-1477, and Country/region code: - click Canada (1) on the drop menu, then click Next
  8. Connection Availability, click Next
  9. Completing the Network Connection Wizard. At this point you can press Finish to complete the process. Type the name you want to use for this connection or use the default. It can be what ever you want. In the example Dial-up Connect TFN was used. You may consider using your Toronto FreeNet Login Id, especially if you have many dial-up connections.
  10. Connect Dial-up Connection will now be displayed. Change User name: to the Toronto FreeNet Logon Id. (change aa123 on the sample screen to your Toronto Freenet Id.) Enter the Toronto FreeNet Password in Password: and check Save Password. Then press the Dial button to be connected to Toronto FreeNet.

Making corrections

If you are having problems, check your settings against the following screen shots.

  1. On Connect Dial-up Connection click Dialing Rules
  2. Phone And Modem Options – Dialing Rules, Click Edit on this Screen
  3. Edit Location – General, verify settings, if you have a push button phone service check Dial using: Tone. Pulse is for the old analog rotary dial phones. There are still some around GTA.
  4. Edit Location - Area Code Rules
  5. Edit Location - Calling Card
  6. Connect Dial-up Connection, click Properties, and verify the following settings:
  7. Dial-up Connection – General
  8. Dial-up Connection - Options
  9. Dial-up Connection – Security, ensure that the Show terminal window is not checked.
  10. Dial-up Connection - Networking
  11. If the above settings match those that are on your system, then verify the modem settings on your computer. Modem settings are specific to each manufacturers' modem.

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