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Account management

Tools for managing your account.

Update personal contact information
To inform TFN of your new address, etc, please contact the TFN office.
Change password
To change your dialup password, DSL password, or email password, you must phone or visit the TFN office.
Change email forwarding
To have your email messages forwarded to another address, telnet or ssh to and press "f" when you reach the numbered choice menu.
Change email alias
View and change your email alias
Telnet to
On some computers, you can use this link to log into TFN, over the network, for a text-only session.  Almost all computers are capable, but most newer ones since the mid-2000s, need special configuration to enable this functionality.

TFN mailform utility
Instructions for creating your own web-based mail-in forms.
TFN guestbook utility
Instructions for creating your own guestbook web page for visitors to sign.

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