[TFN-announce] Toronto Free-Net Founding Anniversary

TFN Executive Director execdir@torfree.net
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:45:47 -0400 (EDT)

                  HAPPY FOUNDING DAY, TFN!

         Toronto Free-Net Marks Ten Years of Commitment to
                   Universal Internet Access

July 16th, 2003 marks the ten year anniversary of the legal founding of
Toronto Free-Net (TFN), Toronto's Community Network non-profit
Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Founded on principles of freedom of expression, freedom of access to
online information, and equal (to commercial) opportunity to disseminate
(community) information, TFN has kept up with the times to provide
reliable, modern ISP services at low cost while continuing to sponsor
access for disadvantaged citizens.

Since opening its phone lines to the public in the fall of 1994, TFN
has provided over 12 million Internet sessions to its 45,000 registered
members. TFN is unique as an ISP in that it is member-directed and employs
a cadre of skilled volunteers to maintain its technical and administrative
systems. Over the years TFN has been supported with in-kind donations by
corporate sponsors such as Velocet Communications, Cisco Systems, Rogers
Communications, Bell Canada and Sun Microsystems. However contrary to
popular belief, TFN has not received support from any level of government
for its core operating costs, except for an initial 1994 grant during the
Ontario New Democratic Party reign from the Ontario Ministry of Economic
Development, Trade and Tourism.

TFN is part of a worldwide community networking movement which believes
that Internet access should be a human right. Early advocacy and
grassroots organising by local citizens in Community Networks similar to
TFN has in part placed Canada in the lead in addressing the Digital Divide
and universal access to information. By supporting TFN as their low cost
ISP, Toronto citizens are voting for the reality of Universal Access for
their disadvantaged neighbours.


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