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Affiliated organizations.

For Internet access:

Telecommunities Canada

Telecommunities Canada is our national association of community networking organizations.  It promotes the movement and advocates for our needs.

It was created in August 1994 by a group of free-nets and community nets.  TFN is one of the founding members.

National Capital FreeNet

National Capital FreeNet (NCF) is our neighbouring free-net to the north.  It serves Canada's capital city, Ottawa.

Like us, NCF is democratically controlled by its local community and provides reliable and affordable Internet access.

Hamilton-Wentworth Community Net  (deceased)

Hamilton-Wentworth Community Net (HWCN) was our neighbour to the south.  Alas, the organization died in 2010.

In years past, we worked closely with HWCN, sharing knowledge, even staff.  TFN still uses portions of software and documentation which we developed in partnership with HWCN.

If you want to start a free-net in the Hamilton area, please contact TFN.  We can help.

Wireless Toronto

Wireless Toronto is community group that promotes gratis Wi-Fi access in Toronto's retail establishments and public spaces.

TFN partners with Wireless Toronto on wireless projects.

For access to computers:

Free Geek Toronto

Free Geek Toronto (FGT) is a non-profit that aims to reduce electronic waste while simultaneously providing affordable options for computer ownership.

FGT was founded In 2009 by a small group of people, including TFN members.  TFN is a continuing partner of FGT.  We deliver electronic waste to them and we help promote them.  Also, we sometimes work on projects together.

FGT follows principles established by the original Free Geek in Portland, Oregon.  They teach computer repair, promote Free Software, and refurbish discarded hardware.  They ensure that the original owner's personal data is properly erased from all equipment and that disposal, when necessary, is done ethically.

Planet Geek

Planet Geek is a project to provide gratis computers to people who would otherwise be unable to afford them.  They collect discarded hardware and build new computers from the parts that work.  All computers come with the GNU/Linux operating system.

TFN receives networking equipment from Planet Geek.

To sign up for a free computer, contact the Flemingdon Community Food Bank.

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