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How to join, renew, or upgrade

To use TFN services, you must first become a member.

Membership is free of charge.  One joins TFN in this way:

  1. Register

    When properly completed, the online registration form will give you a username consisting of 2 lower-case letters followed by 3 digits.  Eg "aa123".  Keep the username and password somewhere safe — you will need them later.

  2. Show proof of identity

    Bring to the office something that proves who you are (because you are becoming a voting member).

    Alternatively, you can fax, photocopy-and-send, or scan-and-email.  Be sure to include the username which you received in step 1.

    Any of the following will do:

    • Cheque that is pre-printed with your name and address
    • Credit card in your own name (must not be expired, must be signed, and must be presented in person, at the TFN office)
    • Utility bill listing your name and address
    • Any government-issued ID except health cards; please do not fax photo identification, as that makes it illegible
    • Any document, from a large institution (hospital, library, school, employment centre, etc), that shows your name & address

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