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Prices: DSL, dialup
Toronto Free-Net DSL (high speed broadband) prices
Level Line Downstream Upstream Cap Webspace Setup Prepaid
HiSpeed ADSL1 6 Mbps 0.8 Mbps 300 GB/mo 20 MB $50 $32
Uncapped ADSL1 6 Mbps 0.8 Mbps none 20 MB $50 $40
(unnamed) ADSL2+ 15 Mbps 1 Mbps 300 GB/mo 20 MB $95 $34
(unnamed) BVDSL 15 Mbps 10 Mbps 300 GB/mo 20 MB $225 $36
(unnamed) BVDSL 25 Mbps 10 Mbps 300 GB/mo 20 MB $225 $41
Line: the line protocol is the technology used to encode data on the wire.  This determines which modems will work.
Downstream: the maximum speed at which data can flow from the Internet to you.
Upstream: the maximum speed at which data can flow from you to the Internet.
Cap: the maximum amount of upstream plus downstream traffic per month that is included in the access level.  If you exceed your access level's cap, you will be charged $0.25/GB.
Webspace: this is the amount of storage included for your personal web pages.
Setup: this is the installation fee. The $225 includes $130 for a modem purchase because BVDSL modems are currently not available in stores.  If you already have one, the $130 is waived.
Prepaid: the price per month when you choose prepaid terms.  For DSL, these are the only terms available.  See the Term lengths & discounts paragraph.


Toronto Free-Net dialup prices
For longer descriptions, click on the names of dialup levels in the table.
Level Prime time Off peak Carry Extra Webspace Setup Monthly Prepaid
Basic 10 minutes 15 minutes No No 2 MBFree!Free!Free!
HalfPlus 1/2 hour 1.5 hours No Yes 4 MB $5 $3 $2.50
1Plus 1h 15m 2.5 hours No Yes 6 MB $5 $5 $4.17
442Plus 2.5 hours Unlimited Yes Yes 10 MB $5 $9 $7.50
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited - - 20 MB $5 $13 $10.83
Prime time: the part of the day in which dialup use reaches its peak.  Currently from noon till midnight.
Off peak: the part of the day in which our dialup lines are least busy.  Currently from midnight till noon.
Carry: automatically carry forward your unused time from one day to the next.  It works like this: after you run out of today's minutes, your session continues with any unused minutes from yesterday.  Minutes are carried over only from yesterday, no earlier, and the current day's minutes are always used first.
Extra: unlimited number of additional 1-minute connections after you have used up your regular daily time allowance.
  • For email, this means that, while you are disconnected, you can read received email and compose email replies, then you can connect briefly to transmit your replies and to receive new email.
  • For Web browsing, when the system disconnects you, you can continue reading the page you were viewing.  Then, when you click on a link, you will automatically reconnect, briefly, to download the new page you want to view.
Monthly: the regular price per month.
Prepaid: the price per month when you choose prepaid terms — see Term lengths & discounts.

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