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Pick up

You can pick up TFN advertising materials from the TFN office.  All printed materials are available in a box outside the TFN office, so you can pick up even outside of TFN office hours.


You can download and print your own TFN advertising materials:

plain poster  (8.5" x 11", B&W, PDF, 162 kB)
version 2010-11-20;  last-modified 25/Nov/2010.
poster with tear-off strips  (8.5" x 14", B&W)
version 2010-11-20;  last-modified 25/Nov/2010.
There is no downloadable copy; please pick up copies from the office.
leaflet  (double-sided, B&W, PDF, 44 kB)
version v3a;  last-modified 12/May/2010.
Print on 8.5" x 11" paper, then fold into three.
unfinished leaflet  (double-sided, B&W, PDF, 92 kB)
version v7;  last-modified 8/Aug/2010.
Print on 8.5" x 11" paper, then fold into three.  This version is newer but unfinished — the two inner sections are blank.
leaflet for Free Geek Toronto  (double-sided, B&W, PDF, 2.1 MB)
version 2017-09-20;  last-modified 2017-09-20.
Print on 8.5" x 11" paper, then fold into three.
Free Geek Toronto is a separate non-profit whose goals are similar and with whom we cooperate.

How to help out informally

All members contribute to Toronto Free-Net's success in one way or another, each according to their ability and their available time.

Rather than volunteer, some members participate informally, by spreading the word to friends and neighbours.  They might put up a poster on a bulletin board while visiting their grocery store.  Or they might mention TFN when the subject of Internet service comes up in conversation with friends.  Thus, they can contribute without making a commitment — simply by seizing small opportunities, as they arise in their day-to-day life.

Here are some ways to help out, without actually volunteering:

Daring ideas

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