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TFN cluster project


Design, build, and deploy, from retired residential-class PCs, a public-access multi-node super-computer on the public Internet!


This project is abandoned.  Its participants dispersed for personal reasons.  Later, the conditions which had motivated it also ceased, so it may no longer be justifiable within TFN's mission.  For now (Dec/2015), the project's core endowment remains in reserve, so it is still possible to resurrect the project.

A 12-node prototype cluster has been built.  Clustering software has been installed.  The FGT site is no longer available, so the development centre was dismantled, packed, and moved into storage at the TFN office.  New space and power have been found.


Time commitment

  No hours -- project abandoned.

  Hours last updated: 05/Dec/2015


To help awaken the sleeping beauty, inform the TFN office of your interest.  Kiss not required!

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