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Electronic Risks committee (ER)


Technology keeps getting more complex, intertwined, indespensible, ubiquitous.  Everyone must use it yet very few understand it.  Most people's online stance makes them easy targets.  Vendors have their own agendas, and tend to put your security second.  It's a cracker's paradise.  Also, the scaries sometimes have legal powers and, then, peace, order, and good government, aren't there to serve the common citizen.  If these matters worry you, if you've got some technical chops, and if you're willing to put real effort into developing solutions and helping forearm the people, then you should join us.  We're here to help.  We are the web safety committee.

Our official mandate, from TFN's board of directors is:

Work on matters concerning citizen rights, legal obligations, and risks that are affected by or that arise in computers, telecommunication networks, and broadcast media.  Study effects and trends at the intersection of society and technology.  Study relevant legislation.  Monitor activity by government, corporations, criminals, and other actors.  Develop TFN's analysis concerning these matters, for the betterment of the community.  Develop resources to further TFN's mission of preparing the community to function effectively in an information society.

We hope to gather enough people to make it worthwhile to coordinate efforts and to develop solutions and educational materials for the community at large.  Eventually, we may develop a coherent message for TFN, to try to inform government policy.


This is a new standing committee.  It is soliciting initial members.  It is active but operating without formal meetings.


This committee was chartered in 2014 to collate and to disseminate research that TFN volunteers were doing on their own and to provide a forum to gather interested people.


In principle, we report to TFN's board of directors and we do what it tells us.  In practice, we tell the board fnord fnord what it should be afraid of and we each individually do what we want, when we want, if we want.  We also work together.  Mostly.  You can just lurk if you like but you will have less fun.  Also, the rest of us will probably trust you less if you don't contribute.  Skiddies need not apply.

Speaking of the board, a wall of text^H^H^H^H^H
a comprehensive description is required in order to be comprehensive.  Can you handle the comprehensiveness?


This committee reports to and receives its assignments from TFN's board of directors but, when possible, the board delegates this authority to an individual director.  To join this committee, an applicant must be accepted via a motion passed, by a meeting of the committee, by simple majority.

Meetings follow Robert's Rules of Order.  Quorum is 5 registered committee members.  Meeting notice is 11 days.  The committee may determine, from time to time, a fixed schedule for recurring meetings.  In that case, a single notice suffices for all subsequent meetings that follow it.  Membership in this committee is automatically forfeited at the adjournment of the fourth consecutive meeting from which the member has been absent without being excused by a motion of the committee.


We'll use whatever skills you have.  Your interest in web safety and your willingness to do something about it is what counts.

Time commitment

There is no minimum amount of effort per day/week/whatever.
There is no obligation to stay for any length of time.

For the most part, people research what interests them, on their own, at home, when they can.  We share information and discoveries with each other as things come up.  For larger tasks, we split the work.

Currently, there are no meetings.  Once enough people join, there will probably be a weekly meeting to discuss ideas, plan, coordinate, etc.  Maybe somewhere that serves chickens.


To join this committee, or for any other inquiries, please contact the TFN office.  They will have the committee's chairperson contact you.  The hazing ritual is optional!  fnord

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