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TFN Information Resources committee


The Information Resources committee (IR) fulfils the part of TFN's mission which says that TFN "is a central point of reference about the GTA".


The IR committee is inactive.

The committee's participants scattered around the year 2000.  It remains listed because it built resources which remain relevant.  They are relevant because TFN members continue submitting updates & requests for those resources and because TFN's mission mandates it.

Since the committee lost critical mass, its data is maintained by TFN's operations staff.  They try but are not equal to the task.  Thus, the Toronto directory and other resources developed by the committee do not receive the attention they should.  Another consequence is that content decisions are being made by fiat, since TFN operations is not and cannot be a democratic body.


This committee was created around late spring of 1993.  It actually predates TFN's incorporation.

Assets & deliverables

Other assets:


Needed skills

These skills aren't required but they sure are useful:

TFN teaches all these skills.  Please plan to learn at least some of them when you join the committee.

Time commitment

Currently, the committee holds no meetings.


To join the committee, contact the TFN office.

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