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TFN Information Resources committee


Develop WWW directories and other online resources that are of use to residents of the Greater Toronto Area.  Decide what gets listed.  Maintain data libraries bequeathed to TFN.  Decide what is worth keeping.


The IR committee is barely active because most of its participants scattered around the year 2000.  It remains listed because it built resources which remain relevant, because TFN members continue submitting updates & requests for those resources, and because TFN's mandate includes those resources.

Since the committee lost critical mass, the maintenance of its data has defaulted to TFN's operations staff, who try but are unequal to the task.  Thus, the Toronto directory and other resources developed by the committee do not receive the attention they should.  Another consequence is that content decisions are being made by fiat rather than democractically, since TFN operations is not and cannot be a democractic body.


This committee was created around 1993.  It may even predate TFN's incorporation.


Time commitment

Currently, the committee holds no meetings.


To join the committee, contact the TFN office.

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