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Online content policy
The Toronto Free-Net administration will not comment on material
in any particular user's page, as long as a user's homepage is not in
contravention of the law or official Free-Net policy.


1. The Executive Director will act only on written statements of concerns about a TFN User that could have ramifications.

2. The Executive Director will analyze the communication and if the complaint is serious enough that is causes the TFN to seek legal advice, then the appropriate acton is to be taken by the Executive Director.

(a) The user is to be contacted and reminded of the member agreement that has been signed and the possible ramifications. (b) That if the material is not going to be removed that the user must provide a deposit, to be determined by the Executive Director, to support the indemnity that the TFN could possibly incurs. (c) If a cash deposit is not received by the time period agreed upon by the Executive Director and User that the account would be cut off. 3. The Executive Director would report any serious complaints and action taken at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

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