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Spam policy
Persistant spamming by members of The Toronto Free-Network will result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of membership.

1. Definition:
Spamming by the TFN Organization is defined as: The sending of mass unsolicited e-mail, and/or the posting of article(s) to an excessive number of newsgroups.

2. Complaints Procedure:
a) TFN members may forward complaints of spamming to the Spam Administrator;
b) Complaints against TFN members may also be received from users or Administration of other Systems.

3. First Complaint:
a) The TFN user will be contacted by the Spam Administrator who will indicate that a complaint has been received over an action of the member.
b) The TFN member will be asked to explain his/her activity related to the complaint;
c) If the explanation is not accepted by the Spam Administrator, the member will be informed that he/she has violated the TFN Spam Policy;
d) The TFN member will be informed his/her account will be suspended until he/she has read the TFN Spam Policy, and understand the consequences of a repeat occurance.

4. Second Complaint:
a) A second violation of the TFN Spam Policy by a member may result in the revocation of membership privileges;
b) Should the TFN member be found in violation of the TFN Spam Policy a second time, the Executive Director will review the matter and could decide to terminate the member's account.

5. Appeal Process:
a) The TFN member may request a review by the Executive Director of the Spam Administrator's decision;
b) In the event of a decision to terminate the TFN member's account, the member will have the right to appeal the Executive Director's decision to the TFN Board of Directors.

6. Spam Administrator:
Complaints can be sent to : which is administered by the Volunteer Spam Administrator.

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