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in memoriam

To our deceased colleagues and friends at TFN:

You are no longer with us, to share the work and to rejoice in our successes, but you live on in our memories.  We build upon your work.  While TFN lasts, you do too.

1947 - 2002  aa002 Sam Sternberg

Sam is the reason TFN exists.  He brought together the initial group of people and kept it going.  He also served on TFN's board of directors in the early days.

1970 - 2013  cv436 Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer volunteered occasionally for a decade.  She did web research, vetted submissions to TFN's Toronto community directory, and helped promote TFN by maintaining TFN's entries in online directories.  She died during surgery to replace a failing heart valve.

1943 - 2014  claudel Claude Latrémouille

Claude was TFN's treasurer during a difficult time of transition at TFN.  He resolved several problems and instituted more thorough financial procedures.  After he was diagnosed with liver cancer, he continued to help, tracking the accounts receivable and the bank balances almost until the day of his death.

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