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Last reviewed: Aug/2012.  Last updated: Feb/2017.
Contact numbers
Voice:416-204-9257 (7 days/week)
Dialup modems:647-477-1477
E-mail: office -aht-

The voice line has voicemail.  We monitor it 7 days a week and, depending on volunteer availability, most hours of the day and night.  Please leave a message.  We try to return all calls the same day.

If you are coming in person, the TFN office is open on:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, noon to 8 pm
Cheques & money orders
Make payments out to "Toronto Free-Net Inc."
Toronto Free-Net Inc.
406-600 Bay St
Toronto ON  M5G 1M6

Downtown, next to the Voyageur/Greyhound inter-city bus terminal.  West side of Bay street, 4 doors north of Dundas street, 4th floor, suite 406.

The #6 "Bay" bus stops at the intersection of Bay & Dundas; the southbound stop is right in front of the building.

The #505 "Dundas" streetcar stops at the intersection of Bay & Dundas, across the street.

Dundas subway station is a smidgen nearer than St. Patrick station.  The underground PATH system connects Dundas subway station to Bay street.  You can cross Bay underground if you detour through the bus terminal.  From there, you must exit at street level to enter TFN's building.

Doorbell after hours

The TFN office is located inside the building at 600 Bay street. The office is open Tues & Thurs, noon-8pm but the building door is open during conventional business hours (M-F, 9-5) and locked after-hours.

If the building door is locked when you arrive, please either ring TFN's doorbell, located to the right of the exterior building door, or phone the office.  Someone will come down to let you in.

It does take some time to descend from the 4th floor but, if no one shows up after a couple of minutes, we may have been momentarily out of the office when you rang, so please ring again.

The poster box
You can pick up posters and other printed advertising from the stand in front of the office door.  Thus, you can pick up posters while the office is closed.  You can enter the 600 Bay street building during conventional business hours.
The building is over a century old and not designed for accessibility.

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