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Configuration settings at a glance

Dialup settings

Last reviewed: Apr/2011.  Last changed: Jun/2006.
Dialup phone number:

DSL settings

Last reviewed: Apr/2011.  Last changed: -.
Encapsulation (for bridging modems):
2684 bridged IP LLC.

Settings shared by dialup and DSL

Last reviewed: Apr/2011.  Last changed: ~Aug/2010.

Most dialup PPP and DSL PPPoE equipment automatically picks up the DNS settings from TFN's servers upon logging in.  Thus, though the IP addresses of TFN's DNS servers change over the years, your equipment needs no attention from you.  There is no benefit to manually overriding these automated protocols.  The DNS settings are listed here mainly for those whose equipment requires manual configuration, such as users of PPP on MS-DOS.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

POP (server for incoming mail for all users): (port 110),
provide your TFN username, eg aa000, and the corresponding password.  DO NOT APPEND
SMTP (server for outgoing mail for dialup users): (port 25),
no password.
SMTP (server for outgoing mail for DSL users): (port 25),
no password.
This SMTP server is a temporary (ha!) workaround while doesn't work for DSL users.
Email address:
<your TFN username>

Other settings

Last reviewed: Apr/2011.  Last changed: -.

The following values are often needed in configuring a connection.  They are not defined by TFN but by other providers whose services you use in order to reach TFN.

Disable Call Waiting:
(defined by Bell; accepted by all Ontario telephone carriers).
The "*70" disables call waiting temporarily for the duration of your dial-up session.
The "," tells a dialup modem to pause for 1 second.
During that 1 second, the telephone switch applies the do-not-interrupt property to your call, then conveys success with a dialtone or (rarely) failure with a busy tone.  Dialup modems lack the ability to listen for a second dialtone, but instructing them to wait for 1 second usually suffices.

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